Hey there! I'm a rock-solid Senior Software Engineer with over 10 years of experience in Frontend, Backend, and Cloud technologies. Lately, my focus has been on Python development, where I've been making a real impact by contributing to the creation and maintenance of scalable web applications.

If you share the same passion for Technology and Software Engineering, let's connect! I'm always eager to chat and exchange experiences with fellow tech enthusiasts. My journey in this field has been a thrilling adventure, and I take pride in combining my technical expertise with a genuine passion for innovation. Let's geek out together and make some magic happen! 😄🚀

My favorite phrase: "I have failed over and over again in my life, which is why I have succeeded" – Michael Jordan

My Experience

<aside> ⚠️ Normally I work under a development non-disclosure agreement (NDA), So...I can not share my work but I can tell you a few things


Project Main tasks executed My greatest contribution
Data ingestion platform - Research and validate requirements

My areas of expertise

Frontend experience Backend experience Devops experience Product designer experience Team work experience Data engineering experience
Single Page Application Web development: Responsive design, CSS layout WordPress plugin development CD / CI Pipelines configuration Define specifications and business analysis requirements Team lead Code from zero a data ingestion platform with open-source technologies
PWA web development REST API Development Setup of environment for Dev, staging, and production Help design, document, and maintain system processes The promoter of Agile methodologies Integrate multiple APIs of third party services
Plugin and libraries development with Javascript Troubleshooting performance and Error Setup CDN User research Orchestrate Data ingestion using open source technologies
Native Mobile IOS applications Setup analytics tools Setup Could Database Wireframes & Mockups and prototyping
Games for children based on web technologies Setup Video Streaming service with azure Setup Cloud storage Apply UI / UX to new and existing projects
Creation of Virtual tours platform Real-time backend applications Setup cloud user authentication system
Web 3 applications Setup and deployment could service with docker Integration between Third-Party Services
Improve performance & security
Development with no-code tools

My Tech Skills

<aside> 💡 I try to be the person that my team needs, and for that reason, I learn what is needed at that moment...But if you want to know some of the tools that I have used over the years:


Web Mobile IOS Web3js
Angular REST API Javascript A-frame, ThreeJs HTML, CSS
Python SWIFT 5.0 Typescript NodeJs Laravel Framework, PHP

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My Personal projects